The contest is now closed.
We did not meet our required criteria of 100k enteries and ALL refunds have been processed. ALL refunds made are $36.75 less 8% administration fees (Canadian $33.81) back to the credit card you used to enter. 

Our Win A Dream Home pet photo contest has received many inspiring photos and your pets have powerfully gifted smiles, giggles and dreams. THANK YOU
for your efforts and for your participation. Our thoughts are now to focus on the financial and emotional recovery of this heart directed vision. We did our best! The animal welfare charities, Aarcs and Meow Foundation, did their best, and Boldstock is grateful for the experience.

"Falling down is part of life / Getting up is part of living"
We wish all of you the very best and be well during these times of change and challenge!

Igniting initiatives that demonstrate our determination to make a tangible difference.

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Upon the completion and success of this fun-filled, animal welfare win a dream home contest, $50,000 will be donated to AARCS and $30,000 to the MEOW Foundation.  Keep looking for more charities to come. 


The Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) is a grassroots animal welfare organization based in Calgary with a foundation of compassion and kindness, embodied by its hard-working staff, volunteers, foster homes and supporters. Our goal is to help thousands of homeless animals in our community each year and enact societal change so that someday we may all achieve a Compassionate World for All Animals.

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MEOW Foundation
MEOW Foundation


All communities caring for every cat with respect and compassion.

Our Mission

MEOW Foundation is a registered charity with a mission to save the lives of cats in Calgary through no-kill programs. 

Guiding Principles

No-Kill Philosophy: We believe in a no-kill model of animal welfare.
Standard of Care: We believe every cat, whether young or old, social or shy, in good health or poor deserves a good life. Every cat is to be provided with the medical care, support and love necessary to thrive.
Happy Homes: We are committed to ensuring every cat finds its perfect match in a family or community home.
Community: We will work with animal welfare organizations and community members to end cat homelessness.
Volunteerism: Volunteers are at the heart of everything we do. 

About MEOW 

MEOW was founded in July 2000 to assist the most numerous, most neglected, most euthanized and least supported companion animal in North America and countries around the world – the cat. 

MEOW focuses its resources entirely on creating a better city for people and cats through the implementation of a three prong program approach: an aggressive subsidized spay/neuter program (SNAP) for low income Calgarians, a Trap Neuter Return program (TNR) for feral community cats, and a rescue and adoption program to find compassionate, caring homes for stray and abandoned cats. 

Each year MEOW impacts and enhances the lives of over 3500 individuals and families through their services and programs. We create opportunities for 350 volunteers and provide employment for 12 Calgarians, MEOW collaborates with local and provincial animal welfare organizations, offers support to over 800 Calgarians to assist in the rescue of homeless felines and provides lifelong assistance for 50 TNR feral colony caregivers. MEOW owns their Adoption Centre which creates a permanent and sustainable future for Calgarians who support animal welfare, and annually, contributes over $800,000.00 to Calgary’s economy by the provision of their services. MEOW does not receive any government funding and is almost solely funded by the generous donations of thousands of individual Calgarians who support this life changing work. 

If MEOW were to receive $30,000.00, we would continue to improve feline welfare and allocate the funds in two areas:

1. Rural spay/neuter services:

  • Most animal rescues in Calgary area and across Canada focus their efforts and limited resources on rescue and adoption. Communities, including Calgary, cannot rescue and adopt their way out of the cat overpopulation problem. The solution to pet overpopulation and the resultant human misery, compassion fatigue and never ending strain on scarce resources to support animal rescue, is responsible pet ownership. MEOW is on the forefront of delivering the programs, resources and education needed to address all these issues, provide solutions and create a humane Calgary for people and cats.  Urban centres are further along in embracing spay-neuter.  The next frontier is rural communities and MEOW Foundation has begun raising awareness and supporting spay-neuter subsidized surgeries.

2. Purchase of stainless steel cat condo suites for our Admission & Isolation Area:

  • MEOW operates under a Capacity for Care management model designed to help shelters better meet the needs of each cat. Designed and tested by industry experts, the transition to stainless steel cat condo suites will offer a large living space of 18.7 SF per cat and meet industry standards for feline housing prior to transition to their adoption rooms. Provision of adequate space reduces environmental stress which has a direct impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of each cat and ensures better overall health management for the cats.


This is just the beginning, more charitable donations to come