The contest is now closed.
We did not meet our required criteria of 100k enteries and ALL refunds have been processed. ALL refunds made are $36.75 less 8% administration fees (Canadian $33.81) back to the credit card you used to enter. 

Our Win A Dream Home pet photo contest has received many inspiring photos and your pets have powerfully gifted smiles, giggles and dreams. THANK YOU
for your efforts and for your participation. Our thoughts are now to focus on the financial and emotional recovery of this heart directed vision. We did our best! The animal welfare charities, Aarcs and Meow Foundation, did their best, and Boldstock is grateful for the experience.

"Falling down is part of life / Getting up is part of living"
We wish all of you the very best and be well during these times of change and challenge!

Judging Criteria
Pet Photo Contest

• Include the name of the pet and an optional caption.
• No human or human parts should appear in the photo.
• Simple enhancement, such as color corrections, are permitted.
• No elements may be added or removed from original image.
• More than one pet in the photo is permitted.
• No wildlife.
• Photo submitted must less than 9MB in size.
• One photo per entry (unlimited entries per person/pet).
• The image must not have been used in any commercial endeavours or been paid for or published.
• Proof of pet with vet records or previous photos must be provided if requested. Photos of deceased pets are permitted.
• (1) Semi-finalist every (1,000) entries will be chosen by professional photographers.
• Finalists are chosen by a non-profit board of directors.

Enter and re-enter whenever you like because the odds are the same at any point in the contest.

1. CREATIVITY: creativity speaks directly to your imagination and innovation in how you deliver the message or thought to the viewer.

2. IMPACT: a powerful image will evoke some kind of inner good feeling or uplifting thought process.

3. GRAY SCALE / COLOUR BALANCE: can bring harmony to a photo. Do the tones work together, effectively supporting the image, which can increase emotional appeal to the viewer? Black and white photos can be every bit as powerful as colour.

4. LIGHTING: the use of light shows dimensions and shape, thereby having an affect on every aspect of an image.

5. STORY TELLING: the photo image can affect the viewer’s imagination and bring up a story. What story does the entrant wish to awake in the viewer’s imagination?

6. STYLE / TECHNIQUE: how the entrant is able to showcase their personal originality to influence how the image is presented and interpreted.

7. TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE: artistic merit, design and quality of submission. Composition, Focus, and Level of detail.